How It Works

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FurstPerson provides a talent assessment software platform supported by hiring experts that helps companies hire the right service, support, and sales employees. Learn how we work with companies by taking a closer look at FurstPerson.

Take a Closer Look at FurstPerson


Meet John who is in charge of recruiting.

John has responsibility for hiring frontline service, support, and sales employees across his company’s retail, field, and contact center operations.


John has been meeting with Susan, SVP of Operations.

Susan oversees the retail and contact center operations.  Susan is concerned that new hire turnover is increasing and it is taking too long for new hires to hit performance targets. Susan and John review the financial cost of not hiring the right employees.


John does some research and reads several articles by FurstPerson discussing talent selection for frontline, customer facing jobs.

John meets with the hiring experts from FurstPerson and discusses some of the challenges impacting Susan’s operations.  FurstPerson shares examples of other companies with similar challenges and how FurstPerson’s solutions helped resolve the hiring problems.


FurstPerson reviews the jobs in John’s company...

and provides feedback to John and Susan on why new employees are successful or not successful.  FurstPerson also spends time working with John and Susan to understand the key business needs and key performance metrics.


As part of the review, FurstPerson also recommends several hiring model options...

including assessments that will accurately predict job performance based on the job success profile and key performance metrics.


John and FurstPerson also work through the hiring workflow including integration with their Applicant Tracking System.

FurstPerson recommends candidate messaging and using a campaign manager to help drive candidates through the recruiting funnel.


FurstPerson works with John and Susan’s team to link the hiring process to key performance metrics...

showing how candidates that pass the FurstPerson process will perform better in Susan’s frontline jobs.


FurstPerson works with John and Susan to establish ongoing reviews...

through FurstPerson’s Analytics tool to continuously improve the hiring process and drive candidate engagement. 

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