About Us

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FurstPerson provides analytics-driven, pre-hire talent measurement solutions enabling customers to achieve competitive differentiation by identifying reliable, high performing candidates for their customer-facing jobs.

Where We've Been



Started in Chicago IL providing recruiting services to area contact centers. Introduced two key innovations that continue today:

  • used technology to pre-screen job candidates before the interview process and
  • used data to inform to improve the temporary job assignment process.


  • Exited recruiting services to focus on pre-employment assessment testing products and services.
  • Introduced holistic platform integrating assessment content, workflow processes, and reporting.
  • Used talent analytics to link assessment results to new hire job performance.
  • Evangelized the use of data to inform and improve hiring decisions. Advocated a better candidate experience by incorporating work sample simulations as part of the hiring process


Enhanced the FurstPerson platform with authoring and administration technology for employment interviews. Expanded the work sample simulation product line.  Introduced FurstPerson Analytics providing enhanced closed-loop workforce analytics.  Developed patent-pending technology to automate the transportability and synthetic validation process.


2015 - Present

Today FurstPerson is active in 40 countries in over 3,000 locations and provides industry leading pre-employment assessment solutions to Fortune 500 and small/medium sized companies that hire customer-facing employees in service, sales, and support roles.



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