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Talent Assessment Solutions

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Talent Assessment Solutions

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Call Center Assessment Testing

Talent Assessment Solutions

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Pre Hire Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment Solutions

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Pre Employment Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment Solutions

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Talent Assessment Solutions

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Higher Total Sales
DAYS Faster to Goal
Improved CSAT
$ 7,140
ROI for every hire
90-Day Retention

Talent Assessment Solutions

Building a high-performing, stable team is essential to drive operational efficiency, exceptional customer service, and bottom-line results.

Hiring employees who are the “right fit” for your company is time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive to business routine.

FurstPerson’s pre-employment tests and other talent assessment tools give you accurate intelligence to hire people who will stay and perform well – customers achieve ROI of $34:1 through better performance and retention.

Traditional applicant screening processes are inefficient, inaccurate, and expensive. FurstPerson delivers digital hiring assessments – aptitude tests, job simulators, and personality tests – that empower talent acquisition teams to make smarter hiring decisions.

Pre-employment testing combines aptitude, job skills, and personality traits to deliver:

improved workplace productivity
higher retention rates
increased employee satisfaction
shortened learning curve for new hires
a stable base of key team members
reduced hiring and training costs

What is Talent Forward?

Business success depends on hiring talent that adapts to changing client and market demands. Faced with a diverse, multi-generation workforce, many companies continue to rely on dated talent assessment practices that leave them at a competitive disadvantage. Our Talent Forward platform empowers companies to transform the ways that they attract, hire, engage, and retain winning talent.

Bad hiring Decisions
Lead to Costly Outcomes

Applicants’ critical skills have declined, which lowers productivity and increases operational costs.

Learn How to Measure Job Candidate Skill

Nearly half of top performers who quit are seeking better opportunities. Keeping the best team requires incentives and on-going training.

How to Identify High Potential Applicants

Half of hourly workers churn in the first 120 days. Improve bottom line performance by reducing employee turnover via a data-driven strategy.

Calculate your Cost of Attrition with this Interactive Worksheet

Talent Forward Solutions

Talent Selection

Digital talent assessment solutions deliver an average return of $34 for every $1 invested when combined with Employee Lifecycle Analytics.

$34:1 ROI

Talent assessment solutions are customized to your specific needs to deliver an engaging applicant experience on any digital device. Resulting intelligence gives your team the insight to recruit high potentials and make hiring decisions that drive Talent Forward.

How We Work

Talent Development

From pre-boarding to career pathing, our digital talent development solutions improve your talent bench.

Strengthen the applicant pool by providing free access to basic skills training.

Leverage talent assessments to create a supportive on-boarding program.

Use highly-relevant, e-learning courses to engage the team and prepare future frontline leaders.

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