Assessments: Foundation for Honest and Engaging Workplace Dialogue

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Gallup research found that a mere 14 percent of employees strongly agree they are inspired to improve by traditional performance reviews. The reason is pretty simple. The annual reviews are not really designed to improve performance. They are meant to document the reasons for increases in pay or to discuss job goals. They are not good for having an honest dialogue because someone is in charge and someone is afraid of what will be rehashed or feels like the performance review is a "day late and a dollar short." Whatever was accomplished over the review period should have been praised at the time. Whatever needed improvement should have been addressed, also at the time.

In this article, you'll learn more about:

  • How employee assessments facilitate honest conversations about performance
  • How assessments identify specifics of performance managers can use to give feedback with meaning
  • How to help employees leverage their strengths and minimize their weaknesses
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