The Whole Story: Behavioral Interviews and Personality & Behavioral Assessments

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Hiring the best person for a job requires more than assessing current skills. Each job candidate has a particular way of thinking and problem solving, a certain perspective about work, an emotional intelligence and patterns of behavior developed over time in their personal and work lives. In the not so far past, employers tended to use an either-or approach to evaluating job candidates. They used a pre-hire skills assessment or a personal interview supported by a resume.

The either-or approach is not recommended because people are more than their skills or personality. Each person is a "whole package" so to speak, so it makes sense to assess the whole person with personality and behavioral assessments paired with a behavioral interview. This gives the employer the confidence that the person has the right skills and attitude, is a good cultural fit, has effective communication abilities and is likely to exhibit the right behaviors in the future.

In this article, you'll learn more about:

  • How to supplement skills assessments with behavioral assessments
  • How to predict future potential with maximum confidence
  • How to craft a behavioral interview
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