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The New Hire Doesn't Have the Right Skillset



When a candidate is hired, it is with the expectation they will be able to effectively perform the essential duties of the role. But this isn't always the case. A candidate may have difficulty dealing with basic job functions like multitasking or dealing with conflict from customers. This struggle can take place throughout training and, by the time the training is done, it is evident both to the employee and the company that the new employee is not a good fit for the job. The result is that the employee may choose to leave because he or she cannot handle the performance requirements of the job. FurstPerson has found that this issue, though it may look voluntary in turnover, is actually performance driven, pushing the employee out of


There are two strong solutions to identifying candidates who don't have the right abilities and skills for a particular position, and both take place during the hiring process.

The first is to measure the job candidate's ability to perform the work by evaluating their problem-solving ability through an assessment

The second is to implement job simulations that directly mimic the duties the candidate will be expected to complete once hired. Leadership can use the data from these simulations to measure how well the candidate performs these duties and whether or not his or her performance meets the threshold of the company's standards. The benefit of using job simulations is that simulations provide qualitative data meaning your final hiring decision will be supported with data-driven evidence.


"We've been using assessments in a lot of areas. One tool was the audio interview tool, because it's a phone position, and that was a huge win for us. Being able to hear them actually really cut down on the number of interviews we had to do, and because of that we were able to get to quality people a lot faster. We've started doing more of [these tests] to make sure people have the skills we require, and not just tell us they have them."

- Heidi Ferolito
HR Director, Talent Acquisition and Retention at World Travel
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