It goes without saying that companies with a talented, dedicated workforce see the best ROl when it comes to driving profits through customer satisfaction. But if you're like most large enterprise leaders, you know the quest for employee retention isn't always an easy one.

Turnover occurring In the first 90 days — known as early stage attrition — is one of the biggest profit-killers for organizations of all sizes. Research conducted by FurstPerson shows an employee's exit before the 90-day mark costs an average of $4,500 for a company. And with some companies struggling with attrition rates as high as 70 percent at times, 90 day attrition can cost a single organization millions in money spent an training and lost revenue opportunities every year.

That's why FurstPerson created 8 Strategies to Reducing 90 Day Attrition. This eBook distills FurstPerson's latest research into specific, easy-to-read advice that allows you to take the steps necessary to reduce attrition among your workforce. You'll be introduced to the eight most common causes of early turnover, when the risk period for that cause is at its highest and what you can do in the hiring process to help combat each challenge.

FurstPerson recommends one of the strongest ways to combat attrition is to implement tactics to identify candidates who could be a risk to leave early. By leveraging multiple assessments, interviews, and strategies in the hiring process, companies can discover which candidates make the best fit for a particular role.

With expert insights and real-world examples, this eBook will provide you with practical, applicable information you can use to identify and address the challenges of employee turnover in your organization.

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"90 day attrition can cost a single organization millions in money spent on training and lost revenue opportunities every year."