Build a Wider Funnel And Improve Agility

80% of new hires expect good training
New Hires Expect Good Training
61% of workers lack essential skills
Workers Lack Essential Skills
81% improved productivity
See Improved productivity
61% higher retention
See Higher Retention


Self-paced learning provides applicants with development resources for critical frontline skills. These tools expand your funnel through community outreach and skill building.

Basic Computer Skill
Writing Skills
Workplace Communication
Working Remotely


Only 20% of companies strategically on-board new employees. FurstPerson provides valuable insight into each new hire’s strengths and opportunities, which enables you to create a workplace environment in which new hires flourish from Day One. Increase productivity MUCH faster.

On-Boarding Insights

Use assessment results to build new hires' confidence.

Connect The Dots

Clarify people's roles within the company.

Social Connection

Create activities to assimilate hires into corporate social fabric.

Cultural Fit

Help new employee learn the language of your company.


Most company managers (80%) believe employees should take more ownership of development. Research shows that development improves engagement by as much as 77%. FurstPerson’s development solutions address both opportunities by providing access to easy-to-follow, on-demand courses organized into seven essential skills modules.

Producing Results
Adapting To Change
Problem Solving
Managing Projects
Communicating Persuasively
Developing Others
Building Loyalty