Learn How a Fortune 500 Insurance Firm Improved 0-90 Day Involuntary Attrition by 49%

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A Fortune 500 insurance company approached FurstPerson about improving their talent selection process for contact center hiring. The company had a history with assessments usage but felt a new approach was warranted. Specifically, hiring leaders wanted to drive better business outcomes through improved hiring, implement closed-loop analytics to drive incremental hiring improvement, and utilize better assessment content that matched their hiring needs more closely. For example, the company was finding that employees with high Net Promoter Scores tended to leave the company at a higher rate than lower performers. The company began working with FurstPerson. Within their contact center operations, FurstPerson focused on two job categories – Customer Service and Claims.

By leveraging these assessments, FurstPerson and the insurance company moved forward in the design process, evaluating which FurstPerson assessment products would measure the metrics needed for success. FurstPerson recommended a holistic measurement approach to drive flexibility in hiring with a comprehensive measurement approach.

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