8 Strategies to Reducing 90 Day Attrition

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Using Causal Observations, Gut Feelings, or Emotions to Make Hiring Decisions.



A candidate is brought in for an interview and is a superstar. Whether it be because the candidate was from someone's hometown, had a great sense of humor, or just seemed right for the job, everyone who spoke with this candidate loved their time with him or her and was insistent on getting this person into a position. Based on a short time with the candidate it was clear that he or she would be a good fit — everyone just knewows it Through an interview process absent of qualitative data provided by tools like assessments, the candidate was hired. Over time, though, it has become clear that though the employee may be charming and magnetic, he or she may not be the best fit for the position they were hired for. The employee doesn't work out and it's back to square one with the hiring process to find a new candidate.


Use qualitative data in conjunction with your instincts.

Emotion, gut decisions, and casual observations are a factor in hiring, but those factors need to be put up against real data to support a hiring decision. Predictive, data-driven analysis in the hiring process creates an unbiased focal point for decision making. Rather than relying solely on your judge of character, you're trusting data gathered by objective assessments. These data can be used and refined over time to continually improve the quality of hires as well, so rather than risk bringing in a bad hire from a gut feeling, you're able to identify high-potential candidates through objectivity.


"We're implementing an on boarding tool that gives new hires the information and insights to the overall strategy and how their department fits into that. We're working on manager coaching and training to be aware of the fact that new hires want direction. Most high performers leave because they didn't see a career path that was satisfactory to them."

- Heidi Ferolito
HR Director, Talent Acquisition and Retention at World Travel
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