8 Strategies to Reducing 90 Day Attrition

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The Job Description Doesn't Paint the Whole Picture



It's easy to get caught up in all the selling points of a position during the hiring process, but what about the reality of the job? Making sure a candidate understands everything related to the job — both good and bad — is important to keeping the candidate around. If a candidate arrives and learns that the scheduling isn't as flexible she thought the benefits are not exactly as promised, or that certain responsibilities are actually more prominent in the position than other, more fun ones that were brought up more often during the hiring process, she might be left feeling disappointed and deceived. This can result in employees quitting early out of frustration.


Be candid with the job descriptions.

A candidate is interviewing for the position, but they're also deciding whether or not the position will be a good fit The easiest way to help them with that is to break down their roles and responsibilities, and address any questions or concerns they may have about aspects of the job that may be less appealing than others. A good strategy would be to create a checklist of all the different elements of the job, both good and bad. Have it available to recruiters and have the recruiters go over this checklist with the candidates during an interview process. For added engagement, have both the candidate and the recruiter sign it after an interview, showing that they both reviewed and understand their responsibilities in the position, and reducing the chance for confusion come the first day.


"We've worked really hard to ensure we're being honest with people. If you're not honest, your attrition is even higher than if you're being upfront. When people are told 'this is what it's going to be' they can choose to say 'this isn't for me' rather than them coming in and realizing 'this isn't what I thought it would be.' I'd much rather hear the first one than the second one."

- Heidi Ferolito
HR Director, Talent Acquisition and Retention at World Travel
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