Safeco Insurance, along with Liberty Mutual, have partnered with FurstPerson, a leading provider of prehire assessment tools, to create a program that enables you to benefit from the hiring process used by Liberty Mutual and Safeco.  This program allows you to evaluate candidates for the:

  • Producer Development Program
  • Marketer Development Program

FurstPerson has developed this program, based on extensive job surveys, focus groups, and validation studies.  By leveraging the partnership between Safeco and Liberty Mutual with FurstPerson, you will be able to measure your candidate's ability to solve problems and motivation to perform.


 The net result is a more predictive hiring process that saves your recruiting team time and effort.

You will have access to a pre-employment hiring solution that includes multiple assessments including a personality assessment (motivation to perform) and problem-solving assessment (ability to perform).  Each candidate completes the assessments, then results for both the Producer and Marketer roles are immediately available within FurstPerson's administrative portal.  Keep in mind that Liberty Mutual and FurstPerson have carefully determined these job requirements.

Candidates access the assessments through a web-based process.  Once you have registered with FurstPerson and your profile is completed, FurstPerson will provide you with log-in details and training material. 

Getting started is easy and only takes two steps. 

  1. Click Get Started and complete the short registration form.
  2. Submit your form and then complete your payment information.

Once these steps are completed, a FurstPerson representative will begin to set-up your account and hiring profile.  

If you have any questions about participating in this program, please contact your Liberty Mutual representative.  If you have any questions regarding the set-up process, please contact FurstPerson at 1-800-229-5881 or