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Your Recruiting and Sourcing Strategies are Outdated



Building a recruiting strategy that attracts the best available candidates is vital to the success of your hiring. But as new trends in job hunting become more prominent, the strategies behind talent acquisition must be adjusted to meet these needs. For example, one of the growing trends among candidates today is to use smartphones and tablets as the primary tool for job searching. This has allowed applicants to search for jobs from anywhere at any time.

Your recruiting strategies will impact the quality of job candidates applying for your open positions. FurstPerson has found that candidates from traditional recruiting sources such as newspapers and job fairs can have much higher attrition than candidates sourced from internet based options or person-to-person options like employee referrals. If your recruiting efforts are focused primarily in areas such as newspapers and job fairs — away from where the top talent is looking — you miss out on attracting high-potential candidates. This leads to unemployed and underemployed job seekers forming a higher percentage of your candidate pool.


Redesign your recruiting strategy to include internet-based sources.

As mentioned above, mobile recruitment will become a driving force in 2016 since job seekers have shown a preference in using smartphones and tablets as their job searching tool. Therefore, having job postings and applications available online that are optimized for both desktop and mobile users will yield a larger pool of qualified applicants.

Another effective method is to invest in a referral program. These programs should be designed with the referrer in mind, since just having the program is only part of what you're trying to do. Additionally, consider implementing an "always on" recruiting approach. What this means is you're always receiving applications and evaluating candidates, making sure to bring in good talent when they approach you and not just when you might have an opening.


"We started focusing on pay per click for sites like Indeed and Simply Hired to get more targeted approaches in order a better candidate selection. We targeted passive candidates as well as active, in addition to those who weren't looking, and that's been a massive success for us — we've greatly increased our candidate pool."

- Heidi Ferolito
HR Director, Talent Acquisition and Retention at World Travel
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