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The New Hire's Supervisor Llacks Ccoaching and Lleadership Skills



It only makes sense to promote the best and brightest workers to managerial roles. But what if the employee you promote to a supervisor isn't capable of handling supervisor responsibilities? Specifically, when new hires come in, the recently promoted supervisor may not have the skills necessary to teach others how to do the job he or she was so accomplished in. In this situation, there will be a disconnect between supervisor and new hire, with the new hire trying to learn the position, and the supervisor lacking the coaching and leadership skills necessary to teach the new hire how to perform their role. And, as time passes, both the supervisor and the new hire begin to get frustrated.


Just because they're not new hires doesn't mean your staff can't assess in for ayour current employee shouldn't be assessed for a supervisor position.

Leverage role playing scenarios with your candidates for supervisor positions —this allows the candidate to demonstrate their ability to take on supervisor responsibilities, while enabling you to take a deeper look into what job essential skills this person does and does not have. Use problem solving and personality tests to evaluate whether if the candidate employee in question is ready to assume the supervisory role. Remember that you'll be testing for different skills than a frontline position, and therefore the tests will need to evaluate different results.


"We're implementing an on boarding tool that gives new hires the information and insights to the overall strategy and how their department fits into that. We're working on manager coaching and training to be aware of the fact that new hires want direction. Most high performers leave because they didn't see a career path that was satisfactory to them."

- Heidi Ferolito
HR Director, Talent Acquisition and Retention at World Travel
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