Using Contact Center Simulations to Improve Hiring

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Contact centers help solve consumer demand for immediate access to information, technical support, and the latest products or services. The majority of contact centers use advanced technologies to connect customers with the most appropriate company representatives. Although centers typically place representatives into jobs that emphasize a particular skill set, such as customer service or sales, nearly all of these jobs require representatives to interact with an assortment of customers while using a computer to access information necessary to provide assistance. Contact centers pressure representatives to move quickly from one customer to the next and track almost every aspect of performance electronically. Constant pressure, continuous monitoring, and an endless line of customers can overwhelm unprepared representatives and may lead to undesirable and costly outcomes, such as absenteeism, turnover, and dissatisfied customers. Many centers have responded to these consequences by adopting multimedia simulations to more rigorously evaluate applicants’ potential to handle the job(s) before making hiring decisions.

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