Step 1: Understanding Your Home Agent Model

Understanding the landscape of your home agent model isn’t just insightful, it’s essential.

This is because a home agent model isn’t just a simple “copy and paste” from brick and mortar employees to home agents – it’s an entirely different setup, faced by unique needs and challenges.

Being able to properly identify these obstacles in your organization requires an understanding of the three main challenges you’ll be facing, as well as a strategy on how to mitigate those risks.

In this segment of our webcast, contact center home agent expert Michele Rowan breaks down the three key challenges organizations face, and provides strategies on how you can reduce these pain points for your own organization.

Key Definitions

Neighborhood Model: The home agent hiring model that seeks to hire home agent representatives within a certain distance of each other, effectively creating “neighborhoods” of home agents for an organization.  Sometimes also called a "hub and spoke" model.

Long Distance Model: The home agent hiring model that hires across states and places without geographical concern for proximity to other agents. This model is sometimes referred to as the "virtual" model.

Hybrid Model: A strategical combination of both the neighborhood model and long distance model.

Michele's Top 3 Challenges:

1. Bad Hiring
2. Bad Managers
3. Virtual Distance