Step 2: Labor Market Strategy

Once you understand your home agent model it’s time to begin employing a strategy around where you’ll start hiring these agents from – will you be taking a long distance model approach, focus on neighborhoods, or build a hybrid home agent model?

Addressing where you’re hiring, understanding who you’re trying to hire, how you’re going to hire geographically, and the way you’ll launch your strategy are all crucial factors that lead to the success of your home agent efforts. In this section, King White of Site Selection Group breaks down six steps that need to be taken in order to successfully build a labor market strategy that will help your organization know who to hire, where to hire them, and how they’ll fit into a model for your organization.

6 Steps to Building a Labor Market Strategy

  1. Gather home agent data
  2. Segment home agents in psycho-geographic profiles
  3. Performance rank these profiles
  4. Target high performing geographical areas
  5. Overlay traditional call center labor market analytics
  6. Identify optimal geographies for your organizational needs