Step 3: Understand the Differences Between Home Agents & Brick and Mortar Agents

Just because they do the same job doesn’t mean that home agents will fit the exact same profile that your brick and mortar agents will – key differences exist.

Although job skills for both positions are identical, the personality traits needed for one will not fit the other. And if you’re not prepared to properly inquire about these personality traits for your home agent hiring, you’ll hinder yourself from yielding all the benefits that home agents bring to an organization.

Personality makes all the difference when focusing on home agent hiring, and Jeff Furst of FurstPerson breaks down exactly what personality traits you need to be aware of and how you should be targeting them in this video segment. You’ll learn what to look for, how to find what you’re looking for, and the best tools to help you find them in this short video. You’ll also find out how home agent hiring can improve the quality of your applicant talent pool.

Why Home Agents are Different - 4 Key Personality Traits for Hiring Home Agents

  1. Autonomy

  2. Time Management

  3. Perseverance

  4. Detail Orientation