Step 4: Technology Considerations

Home agent hiring enables organizations to have an improved applicant talent pool and become more selective in their hiring, but that comes at a cost – there is now a much higher volume of applicants than before.

While the first thought might be to address this by hiring more people to your Human Resources team, which can become expensive quickly and doesn’t make for the most efficient solution to this applicant influx.

Don’t add more to work harder. Instead, have your application process work smarter by leveraging streamlined hiring strategies. In this video segment King White, Michele Rowan, and Jeff Furst explain how streamlining your hiring process can help deal with an increase in the applicant pool so that your existing human resources team can spend their time talking to the most qualified applicants without having to spend time on candidates that are not the right job fit. 

In this Section You’ll Learn:

  1. How to understand your current application workflow

  2. How you can start leveraging application automation

  3. Identifying the best areas for automation

  4. Ways that your company can start building a rapport with home agents during the hiring process

  5. The benefits of streamlining over adding more people to your HR team